Find casino bonuses

When playing on online slots or table games such as black jack or roulette you can get some extra money if you decide to play with a casino bonus. In this tutorial we will talk about how you can get the best casino bonuses and what a casino bonus really is.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a new customer promotion that most of the online casinos in the UK is using to attract new players to their site. In most cases this casino bonus is some kind of package of different kind of offers and promotions. It’s pretty common among casinos to devide their bonus in the following three steps:

  • Free spins at registration

Free spins at registration is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll get free spins when you completed your registration – no deposit required. We usually call this kind of free spins offer no deposit spins.

  • Match bonus on your first deposit

Historically this has been the most popular kind of casino bonus over the world. It’s a pretty easy concept, the casino site will match your first deposit up to a certain amount. One pretty common match bonus is 100% up to £100 which means that the casino will dubble your first deposit up to one hundred pounds. You can in other words deposit £100, get £100 as bonus cash and have £200 in your account, and that’s before you even started playing. 🙂

  • Free spins at your first deposit

This is very similar to the free spins at registration that we talked about earlier, the only difference is that these free spins are triggered on your first deposit and not on registration. As you’ll have to deposit to get this bonus the reward is usually a bit better and can be anything from 10 free spins up to the thousands.

Find the best casino bonuses

There are many ways that you can find different casino bonuses, and I’m sure that you’re already aware of a couple of different promotions through commercials. The easiest way of finding the best casino bonuses is probably to use Google and find review sites that compare different casino sites and their offers against eachother. One site, that we already linked to in this article, is probably our favourite site when it comes to comparing welcome bonuses on uk casino sites. You can get into the site using this link.