How to Gain Free Spins

Obtaining the Bonuses

how-to-get-free-spins-1024x512Now that players have been introduced to the notion of free spins, one might wonder how can these bonuses be attained, when it comes to online slots. This page has been designed to provide information on the bonuses. It will better explain the concept of scatter symbols and their relation to free spins.

First and foremost, when approaching an online slot game, one can deploy a “free spins” winning strategy, by actually playing for more free spins, therefore, building up the earnings in a more constructive way.

The primary method that is offered by most online slot vendors when it comes to free spins is the scatter symbols. These particular symbols will grant gamblers with the corresponding number of free spins. Therefore, one of the main factors to consider attaining more free spins is to go for the scatter symbols.

When registering for a particular casino, one can get information concerning the symbols that are considered “scattered” and take them into consideration. Different casinos offer different numbers of free spins for the various scatter symbols.

The next step is to perform some basic calculations regarding the possible free spins from each and all of the scatter symbols. Players are then ready to go “hunting” for free spins. One important aspect that all players must consider is the fact that most casinos will apply a wager policy when it comes to free spins. Exploring the possibility of practically endless winnings on a free spin basis, the online slot vendors have devised a wagering system, which will force them to perform certain actions. For instance, if a player wins five free spins with a 20 euro win and that are locked out by a ten times wager, that means the potential winnings that can be attained will only be refundable if the player plays with that 20 euros earning until the total of 100 euros is reached.