The Mega Moolah Slot

Popular Micro gaming Slots Game

banner-product-progressives-2This page will allow users to find out more about the popular Micro gaming Slots game and what makes it such an excellent choice for those who are on the lookout for an exciting slots game. Owned by the Micro gaming Slots Company, this slot game will change the way in which players see online slot games, especially since this was one of the first games through which the company decided to introduce progressive jackpot winning features.

This online slot game will enable participants to bet a total of 125 coins per each spin as it features a minimum bet wage of a penny and a maximum of 5. It has a cartoon, which unveils its action in jungle scenery as its central theme.

The game will empower its participants with an impressive, and at the same time, quite adventurous demeanor throughout its entire length. Since it features such scenery, its available symbols will be provided accordingly. Therefore, players can view symbols of giraffes, lions, zebras, antelopes, monkeys, etc. Furthermore, there are more important value cards that can be obtained on the slot reels, which come in their corresponding traditional card deck names: Nine, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Just as with other online slot games, the Mega Moolah Slot will offer its participants free spins and free spin bonuses, which are essential as they will motivate everyone in continuing their gambling streak and maximize their winnings. To obtain the said free spins, all that players need to have is at least three scatter symbols, which need to appear in the slots.

When looking at the scatter symbols in more detail, one will notice that the monkey logo will increase the possibilities for winning credits and cash prizes. Even more, when the three scatter symbols will come up on the players’ screens, they will be awarded fifteen free spins for all the active pay lines.