Slot Machines History – From the Early Beginnings Until Present

Origin and Historical Background

las_vegas_slot_machinesThose passionate about slot machines, or even fascinated by them must be wondering a lot about their origin and historical background. This page is designed to provide a brief snapshot of the history of slot machines, from the early mechanical ones, up until the new online slots.

Card game fans and gamblers might be happy to know that one of the first actual precursors of the mechanical slot machines was a device developed in 1891, which carried 50 card faces and was based on the game of Poker. This first device received great feedback from the public, and it became popular in no time.

One interesting, funny fact is that although the machine featured the classic, coin insertion and lever mechanism when yielding a favorable “hand,” gamblers didn’t receive actual winnings in coins or casino currency, but were rewarded with other items from the owner of the machine, such as beverages. Having an algorithm of change at their core concept, the first slot machines were a struggle for people who were trying to devise tools that would offer earnings based on chance and probability. One of the milestones when it comes to the mechanical slot machines was a device that gave its winnings in the form of chewing gum, which was wrapped in labels with the lemons or cherries as symbols, which later on led to the use of these symbols on almost all slot machines.

The means for mass-producing slot machines were becoming increasingly capable, so was the slots industry. It led to a considerable increase in the game’s popularity, which ultimately led to the transition that was known a few years ago, from the traditional slot machines, to virtual, online ones. The modern slot machines distinguish themselves through the addition of the free spins approach, which is covered in the following pages.